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Step 2 - Guide to choosing the right plan

Note: The purpose of outlining this process is to save our customers time by providing a clear path to their goal. If you are considering building within a municipality this process is essential, if you are building on an acreage or a larger property the restrictions associated to the size of home and garage will of course be much less. Architectural rules or restrictions may still apply so read on.

1) The most important place to start is lot choice. The choice of your lot and knowing the details associated to the lot (or several lot options) you are considering is always the beginning. Aside from price, the two most important items are; what is the size of the building pocket & what (if any) are the architectural controls. (We’ll explain more on building pocket and architectural controls in items 2 & 3). Naturally if you are unsure of the type of home you would like to build, looking through the plans based on approximate size of the home and all the other details that are important to you makes sense, just keep in mind that the specifics associated to the design or choice of floor plan will be dictated by the details of the lot. Basically; in most cases it’s much easier to find the lot you like (and custom build a home of your dreams on that lot) than it is to find a home you like and search for a lot it will fit on.

2) What is a “Building Pocket"? The building pocket is determined by the lot developer (which is usually a different organization than the builder) and is essentially how wide and how long your home can be. We can acquire and decipher the specific lot information for you.

3) What are "Architectural Controls"? In a nutshell, the developer of the subdivision will outline a set of rules regarding the details of the homes that will be built there. Some examples of that are; minimum size of home depending on which style, roof type and color, exterior details (brick, stone, type of exterior options, garage details, colors etc.), fencing, when landscaping is to be completed and so on. Every subdivision is different. We would be happy to acquire this information for you if you so choose.

4) Whether you buy the lot (and contact us to build on it) or we buy the lot on your behalf, either way can be done. In either case we do not expect to profit from the lot, it’s part of the service we provide to find the lot that fits your needs.

5) If you haven’t already contacted us to perform items 1 through 4 on your behalf, then that will be your next step. It is our responsibility to guide you through this process and by the end have a happy customer, simple as that.

6) In the mean time you may want to look through our vast selection of plans. When doing this focus on floor plans themselves and not as much on how the exterior of the home looks. The first step is to find the floor plan that is closest to meeting your needs and we will make changes and design from there. The reason for this is; firstly, changing floor plans can change the look of the home and secondly, we can always change the look of the exterior to best suite your style but first must come the layout of the floor plans. You don’t have to do this on your own, contact us and we will help you, it’s what we do. We’re a true custom builder, that means we design and build around your dreams.

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